5 Reasons to Hire a Tutor For Your High School Student

If you are a parents considering hiring a private tutor for your high school student, you are not alone. In fact, many high schools recommend private tutoring for students whose needs cannot be met in the traditional classroom setting. Your student may be an intelligent, good learner, but classrooms do not work for all students equally. A private tutor can present the one-on-one attention required to get your student through school easier.

Reason 1: Tutors Teach Study Skills
Regardless of your student’s intelligence, study skills are rarely an innate ability a person is born with. Study skills are learned through years of instruction in schools and other settings. If your student failed to develop the necessary study skills at a young age, he or she may be facing a large 歷史補習 hurdle to academic success. A private tutor can work with your student to develop the necessary study skills to carry through high school and college. Whether you need a math tutor, science tutor or history tutor, study skills will be universally taught.

Reason 2: Tutors Help Get Homework Done
It is no secret that high school students are frequently distracted outside of school and often do not complete homework. The lunch room at a high school is full of students bent over Geometry books frantically finishing up last night’s assignment. By setting aside an hour each night to work with a private tutor, your high school student will have dedicated, supervised homework time. Simply having the time set aside with no distraction means your student will finally turn off the TV, instant messenger and radio and be able to focus on the assignment.

Reason 3: High School Grades are Important
College admission is competitive. Your student needs more than good test scores or extra-curricular activities to gain admission to the college of his or her choice. Even if your student is pursuing admission at a less competitive school, it is important that he or she have options. The college experience is about choosing a school that matches personal academic, social, geographical and extra curricular preferences. Without options, your student will not be able to choose the best school for each of these criteria. Grades are important; class rank is important. One “C” in chemistry can significantly impact the options available.

Reason 4: Tutors Teach Test Skills
The days of blindly sitting for an SAT or ACT are, thankfully, behind us. Most students will have some preparation before taking a placement test. To get your student on an equal playing field, you can locate an SAT tutor that has proven results in improving test scores. JD Tutors, a private tutoring service, even offers college application assistance once your student has taken the placement tests. If other students are using these services, your student will be at a disadvantage going it alone.

Reason 5: You Can’t Do It Yourself
If your high school student listens to and respects your guidance, you are in the minority. It is more likely that you have difficulty getting your student to listen to your advice and follow your rules.