5 Tips for Selecting Travel Games for Kids

Whether traveling around the world or just around the block, the right travel games can make the trip much easier. No more whining from a backseat full of bored kids. These tips will help you select the right travel games for your kids.

1. Think challenging. Kids are best entertained when presented with a new task but not when faced with something so difficult it becomes frustrating. Look at the manufacturers age recommendations and compare with your child’s skills. If it is a brain teaser and your child is already accomplished at solving similar puzzles, try going up in age. Conversely, if it is a new or emerging skill, consider looking เกมสล็อตออนไลน์ for easier items that will build confidence. The educational or brain teaser section of your favorite toy store is a good place to start.

2. Think variety. While your son may be a fan of all things dinosaur, try mixing it up a bit with some dinosaurs and some new toys/activities. For instance, we included a small, colorful snake in m daughter’s activity kit and it was her favorite thing from the entire trip. For younger children, it is essential to pack a lot of smaller items that can be swapped out easily. Look in the novelty or impulse buy section for things like wind-up toys, small cars, dolls and little animals – all easy to pack and perfect for anytime fun.

3. Think convenience and portability. Not all travel games and toys are created equal. Consider the size, weight and storage of the game before purchasing. Magnetic travel games are always popular but make sure the pieces are a good size -some games are simply too small to play. Consider the weight of the item – especially if flying. That large magnetic playset is loads of fun in the car but are you willing to lug an extra 10 pounds through the airport?

4. Think imagination. If your child loves to play let’s pretend, pack accordingly. Two cars or two dolls are always more fun than just one. Pack a variety of things in pairs (or more) so that the game can be switched often.