Arowana Fish for Sale online

Are you looking to buy an Asian Arowana fish online? If you are, you must know all the characteristics and features of this beautiful fish in order to properly take care of this new pet. Pet lovers often love finding out all the meek details of the pets they buy as this helps them keep their pets happy and thriving in the new surroundings. Hence the following information will help you keep your new pet fish safe and sound.


What Do Arowana Fish Look Like?

Arowana fish for sale may be found in quite a few beautiful and attractive colors. These fish are known for their beautiful bodies and the scaly texture on them. Their head is bony, and the whole elongated body is covered by heavy, large scales having patterned mosaic canals all over. This fish has soft rays on dorsal and anal fins long whereas the ventral and pectoral fins are rather small.


Are Arowana Fish Expensive?

Arowana fish or Asian arowana fish are known as the most expensive aquarium fish. This fish is found in Southeast Asia’s freshwater and may grow up to 3 feet in length. You may find many colors of Arowana fish for sale, and all of them will look equally attractive and glistening.


What Are the Beliefs Linked to Arowana Fish?

It is believed that the red color in Arowana fish is a sign of a good omen. It is also known as the dragon fish and is thought by the Chinese to bring a lot of luck in their way and also make them prosper in life. This fish is bought for the added luck factor it may give.


What Can I Feed My Arowana Fish?

Your new pet will need to have a diet of pellets designed for the surface feeding of carnivorous fish. They can also have alive or frozen insects and fish, krill, shrimp, and worms. Avoid feeding them insects that have hard shells as the juvenile Arowana cannot eat them. You should feed them 2 to 3 times when they are young and only once they are an adult. Feed only as much as that will take only 1 to 2 minutes for them to eat.


Where Should I Keep My Arowana Fish?

Arowana is fish from the tropical side of the world, and hence they must be kept at a temperature of 30 Celsius. Arowana is known as monster fish, and hence they must be kept in the master tank. These fish must be kept in a tank that can withhold 120 to 220 gallons. The tank’s width should also be given special attention as there should be enough room for the fish to turn around. Make sure the tank glass is thick enough that the fish cannot break it. Keep a sturdy tank lid on the tank and these fish are used to jumping out of the water to feed insects.


So now are you ready to grab your first sight on Arowana fish for sale posters?

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