Dual-Flush Toilets For Your Remodel

If you’re remodeling your home, and you happen to live in one of the many parts of the United States where water conservation is a concern, one of the most important steps you can take is to upgrade your toilets to dual-flush models. Common in other parts of the world, including Europe and the drought-conscious Australia, dual-flush toilets can slash water use without sacrificing flushing power.

What Are They?
Dual flush toilets feature two flushing options, one high volume and one low, operated with two buttons on the top of the tank. These high-efficiency units typically deliver 0.8 gallons for the “#1” setting and 1.6 gallons for “#2”, when a more generous flow is required. Depending on the make, they can cost no more than the single-flush toilets most Americans are used to, and they can flush just as well. Double-flushing dual-flush toilets defeats the purpose, after all.

Where Can I Get Them?
It used to be that when you walked into a mega-chain hardware store and asked about these water-saving gems, you received only blank stares. These days, the chains are at least 토토사이트 paying lip service to dual-flush, most offering at least one model for general consumption. The internet, however, offers many more options, as one might expect. While there are many expensive luxury models, there are a few available in the low-end price range most of us expect to pay for functional item like a toilet.

Toto is one company which offers a low-end dual-flush model, which flushes extremely well. Toto toilets, however, have a reputation as being tricky to install. One might do well to speak with one’s plumber about installation before purchasing.

Also remember, when purchasing toilets on the internet, that seats are usually sold separately. You’ll want a seat. A soft-close is nice, especially if you have kids.