Economy Down, Crime Up

I guess it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that when our economy begins sputter, a spike in crime will take place. Its not that when jobs are plentiful there is no crime, because there is always crime, its just that a bad economic situation will motivate an otherwise upstanding citizen, who would never consider committing a crime, to do things and behave in ways that go against his better judgment and good moral character.

I live in a fairly nice neighborhood, upper middle class I would say, with a large community pool, big plentiful trees, and very clean. When my wife and I moved into our Guns for sale Germany home, over two years ago, it was difficult to find anything for sale or available in our neighborhood. All the front yards were impeccable and worthy of display in any home and garden magazines. There was definite pride of ownership that everyone in the area possessed.

Today, within view of my front door, I can see at least four homes that have been on the market for over six months. Their front yards resemble wheat fields not sodded lawns or flower gardens. The neighborhood as a whole has depreciated and declined. Security used to man the entry into our neighborhood 24 hours a day has now been downgraded to just night shifts and random patrols.

I used to be care free in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t worry about anything when walking around the park or leaving my car or front door unlocked. Now I make sure that the entire house is secured at night or when I leave for work in the morning. Now I see what appear to be street gang members from surrounding areas “taking a look around”. I don’t like that! People with nothing better to do than cruise around neighborhoods to see what’s going on, are nothing but trouble. They are just looking for easy victims to make an easy score.

I don’t know if being in federal law enforcement for over 19 years has made me a little paranoid, or worse yet, it has made me more aware of the realities, real dangers, and circumstances that surround us. Which ever it is, I can’t afford to take any chances.

My 22 year old daughter manages an 1,800 unit storage facility. This facility is located off the freeway and is very busy during the day and especially on the weekends