Gay Dating Advice About Why Hiring A Relationship Coach Will Save You 20 Years Of Trial And Error

I wish I had a gay dating and relationship coach when I was in my 20’s. I would have been able to make lots of more friends and my relationships would not have been as rocky. This article will answer the following three questions:


  • How will a gay dating or gay relationship coach help me?
  • How much does it cost to hire a gay relationship expert?
  • How long will it take me to find someone with help of a gay dating and relationship coach?


How will a gay dating or gay relationship coach help me?

Gay dating coach is often not a therapist nor a psychologist. The biggest difference is that he will focus on your future and not on your past. He will help you formulate a dating and relationship strategy by setting up on line profiles on many different dating websites and will have access to other men with whom he will try to match you up with.

He will help you eliminate all mistakes stemming from your lack of experience or lack of knowledge of social and emotional intelligence issues. Simple things such as: not judging, not criticizing, complimenting someone all the time, not picking fights about petty stuff are amongst the basics for having a healthy emotional connection with your partner or a date.

Often you will go on date for dinner and when the check comes you will not know who should pay. A gay dating and relationship coach will help you make these subtle decisions to establish your role in a relationship or in a dating situation.

Man-to-man relationships require different approach than traditional man-woman relationships. Men are very protective of their ego and you must be observant about not hurting it. A dating coach will teach you what to say or what not to say when you are in the presence of another man especially if you want that man to fall in love with you.

Gay dating coach will shorten the time it takes for you to get to know someone by pointing out techniques, mindsets and facts of life that influence his behavior and your communication. By telling you that your tone of voice, your clothes and your enthusiasm matter when you are on a date – you will be more likely to shorten the time it takes to get to know him by 50% and eliminate many risks for a break up.

How much does it cost to hire a gay relationship expert?

It depends on the package that you select. Typically you pay $50-$120 per session and spend about 2-3 hours a week with your coach. This depends on your age and the experience level. The older you get the more time is necessary so that you can get the fastest “return on your investment”.

Pay close attention to whether your coach is already in a gay relationship or not. If the person that is helping you to get into a relationship does not have one himself, ask why. Many gay dating app for free people want to tell others what to do without understanding the difficulty of what they are suggesting. This is actually pretty common in many “life” coaching and personal coaching occupations.

How long will it take me to find someone with help of a gay dating and relationship coach?

Depending on your previous history and your current looks, career status, location and financial status – you can see results anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. First, the information has to be introduced and you will transition from “unconscious incompetence” which means – you don’t know what you don’t know into “conscious competence” which means that you now know what you didn’t know before. When this happens you will be eager to learn and to practice the stuff you learn.

From then, it is a question of exposure to the right people via online dating, parties, events and introductions. I personally guarantee that most of my clients will see results within the first 3 months, but that also requires 4-7 hours a week of work and commitment to going out to coffee houses, parks, joining a gym, networking events and being open to “getting out of your skin” and comfort zone.

I lead every person by hand, step by step and teach you how to become independent and successful in dating and relationships.


So now that you have learned about the benefits of hiring a coach, you learned about the cost and how long it would take – you must decide whether you will continue to do the same thing you have been doing until now, or whether you will invest into your future and save yourself 20 years of trial and error. Keep in mind that being with the wrong kind of a person does not equal a successful relationship.

Oftentimes, only the objective, third party evaluation of your dating candidates can reveal a mis-match that could have gone unnoticed and could have led to a lengthy psychological drama with ups and downs stretched out for months and years. Don’t do that – save yourself the time and hassle and hire a personal gay dating and relationship coach today.