Guinea Pig Babies Care

Since guinea pig babies are so very small it is a wonderful idea to take extra care and safety for them while in their cage.  Think about their little tiny heads, they could become trapped in between the bars and could strangle themselves accidentally.  This can be prevented by lining the cage walls with Chloroplast or cardboard from the ground level and up to about one foot.  If your cage is made from grid wire, then you could double the grid walls and between the two place cardboard or the Chloroplast 全麥麵包
to create a new wall.  After the babies have reached the age of 4-6 months you can then remove this extra layer.  They should then be large enough that this problem will no longer exist.

After the guinea pig babies have been born and their mother has had time to bond with them and also clean them, then it is safe for you to touch the babies.  Naturally this will place your scent on the babies but it should not affect the mother in anyway.  She will not abandon her pups if your scent is there.  This is an excellent time to start monitoring their weight. By doing so, this gives you some perception to their overall health.  By keeping a check and a diary of their weight you will be able to see immediately if they have lost any weight.  This will give you the opportunity to provide any needed health care or take them to the veterinarian.

Babies (pup) growth will be slower if they are not receiving enough of their mothers milk and you will need to intervene and place the baby pup alone with the mother at feeding time.  If they still show signs of fluctuating weight, this is for either mother or baby, then you need to contact the veterinarian as soon as possible.

You will need to supply an alfalfa rich diet in the form of pellets to your new  guinea pig babies because it is important for their growing requirements and also helpful to pregnant guinea pigs as well.  It is best to avoid foods that contain animal products, seeds/nuts, fats and sugars as guinea pigs are a plant based eater.  Also remember to provide fresh water and some timothy hay.