How To Buy Vinyl Records Online – A Record Buyer’s Guide

Buying vinyl records for sale online can be a very daunting task. With the increased popularity of the internet and the declining presence of brick and mortar record stores, buying vinyl records online is quickly becoming the norm for record collectors looking for a top tune to fill out their vinyl collection.

Whether you’re looking for that monster northern soul 45 or that elusive rock n’ roll record, finding vinyl records for sale online can be satisfying and disappointing in the same breath. Before you go shopping for your next vinyl record for your private collection there are several things you should be aware of when buying records online.

When purchasing vinyl records online from a website or an auction site like eBay, the first thing you should look for is the seller’s grading standards. If the dealer doesn’t  音響回收 have a clear rule of thumb about how he or she grades the records they sell, you should avoid this dealer.

When purchasing vinyl records on eBay be mindful that every seller grades records differently. If the seller hasn’t acquired a significant amount of positive feedback from previous buyers be very cautious. Buying from an eBay seller with little to no feedback and without a clear grading scale can be very risky. Despite the risk, sometimes buying from a seller that doesn’t have a clear grading scale can be rewarding. If the seller doesn’t know how to grade his records you could discover a steal that no other collector wants to take advantage of. You could end up finding a steal on that rare monster soul record from that seller with little to low feedback at a bargain price, but just remember it can be very risky.

Buying records from a standalone website can be even riskier than buying from a seller on eBay simply because in most cases there is no feedback option available. There isn’t any information from any previous buyers, bad or good. With that being the case, before buying any expensive record from a dealer with a private website request if they can send you a visual video of the record playing that you plan to purchase from them. Also, ask if you can make payment for the item through PayPal or Google Marketplace. PayPal has a known track record with standing up for its users.

Also, make sure the seller has a clear way to be contacted. If the seller is unreachable for any questions, or takes too long to respond to your questions, you probably shouldn’t purchase anything from them.

Another helpful tip when buying vinyl records online is checking the seller’s return policy. The only real way to test how a vinyl record plays is from your very own record player. Most good vinyl sellers have no problems with returns and most dealers provide their buyers with a few days to make up their mind about their vinyl purchases. A good dealer has confidence in the service and merchandise they provide.