How to Lucid Dream Better With Powerful Dreaming Supplements

Lucid dreaming is the process of dreaming consciously. As you fall asleep, your intention is to have a part of your conscious mind stay attentive as you enter the dream state. In that way you can explore the unconscious state to learn more about your life process. You can ask questions in your dreams and retain the answers when you awaken. You access this wisdom to find out more about your life purpose and to make better decisions in the everyday world.

There are some mindfulness practices, such as various types of meditation, that should be done if one is interested in lucid dreaming. Indeed some practitioners advise that unless one is doing them conscientiously, one is not prepared for the extra help of supplements. It is possible to take Silencil supplements in a haphazard way and experience nightmares instead of lucid dreams, something like a “bad trip” on drugs when the supportive structure has not been put in place. This is unpleasant to say the least and so you want to be careful when you’re experimenting with the unconscious.

That being said, there are certain supplemental substances that can be helpful in cultivating the state of lucid dreaming. It is possible that just taking a vitamin supplement right before bed is a good thing, especially a multi-vitamin that contains lots of B vitamins and amino acids. Choline is an amino acid that promotes REM sleep, and it can be found in lecithin tablets or in certain foods like bananas, potatoes, and onions.

There are some special herbs that are recommended also. Consider galathamine, which is a composite botanical substance found things like daffodil bulbs. Taken in supplement form it triggers the part of the brain that deals with dreams. It is so good for brain stimulation that research is being done on whether it might be helpful for Alzheimer’s Disease. There’s also silene capsensis, mug-wort, and the choice of Mexican shamans for intensifying imagery and visions–caleaz, which has been called the dream herb.