Internal Vs External Communication – How Interaction Occurs Within Organizations

When a large corporation established the 800 number system to provide information agencies daily updated information on the status of the company, it turned out that the majority of the calls came from the company own managers that worked in different parts of the world. They wanted to know what happened and what was said in the main office of the company. This situation has forced senior management to ask how well the company responds to the information needs of their employees.

Internal contact is created by messages sent or received within the organization that can be formal or informal. Messages related to formal communications are sent through the channels established by management. However, many communications in any organization have passed 텍사스홀덤 official channels. These informal communications consist of exchange of news among people, which, if not formally linked, communicate by phone, at meetings or casual meetings and even during a round of golf.

Substantially, most of the organization communications are carried out with individuals or groups outside. External communications can affect any of the many different segments of society, which interacts with the organization. Most organizations have the largest number of social contacts through advertising, which is a highly structured form of external communication. For example, the television commercials, printed advertisements and brochures sent by the company to a predefined address list. Most of the external communication is less formal in nature. For example, management may informally notify the local community about how the company contributes to the local economy. Annual reports, reviews of news and public speeches by leaders – these are another examples of external communication.