Introducing the Realme 5i in India

The Realme 5 smartphone from Oppo is a great choice for those who are looking to buy the best smart phone in the market. The phone comes with all the features one would expect from a top smartphone in the market. Users can download their own apps and various games to enjoy the high quality of sound and videos, pictures and entertainment. One of the best features of the Realme smartphone is that it comes with an Android operating system which is a free software platform provided by Google.Realme 5 Price in Pakistan | Realme 5 Full Specifications | New Mobiles

The Realme 5 Phone from Oppo is a wonderful device that comes loaded with powerful hardware, impressive specs and an attractive price tag. The phone is protected by an ear casing that has a firm grip on the sides. A thin body allows for a comfortable holding of the phone, which makes it easy to use. Users can also download various apps to enjoy the rich multimedia content loaded on the realme 5 phone realme 5.

The Realme 5 offers an impressive dual-camera feature, which allows users to shoot multiple images with the same smartphone. The rear camera has a built-in motion sensor that ensures that the user to focus on the target when capturing photos. This feature makes it possible for the user to capture images in different directions and angles without any image adjustment required on the part of the user. The impressive selling point of the Realme smartphone is its large storage space, which stores plenty of files including photo and movie files.

The realme 5S smartphone from Oppo has octa-core processor that runs on the Android operating system. The octa-core processor has four major layers – APK file, kernel, software and uAP. The powerful processor assures better clarity of images and videos, better processing speed and better battery life. The realme 5S smart phone also comes with two gigabytes of RAM, which further increases the efficiency of the mobile device.

Starting price of the Realme smartphone in India is about Rs 13,500 in single variant and about Rs 16,500 in double variant. The advanced connectivity features offered by this smartphone include FM radio, text messaging service, MMS and Web browsing facility. Indian companies like Sony Ericsson and Vodafone offer the contract plans with heavy monthly contracts and free gifts. The realme 5i also comes with an intuitive navigation system called Motion sensor. In the market, the real 5i offers a premium look at an extremely affordable price.

Apart from the impressive features of this smartphone, the Indian people can also look forward to various other exciting mobile phones such as Nokia E73, LG Eseries and Samsung Galaxy S series. A majority of the Indian population can be grouped under the age group of 18 years and the real 5i has caught their attention because of its compact size and attractive looks. This smartphone offers them features like high resolution camera sensor, MMS and email, along with the facility of downloading games and ring tones. This impressive feature has made the Realme 5i a hot favorite amongst the young generation of the country. In the end, one can say that the Realme 5i is certainly making waves in the mobile’s industry of India.