Lost Your Libido? – 5 Herbal Remedies To Kick Start Your Sex Life After Menopause

If you’d rather curl up with a good book in bed than get cozy with your husband or partner, then you may be among the 20-40% of women who experience loss of libido during menopause.

A decrease in sexual desire in itself need not be a problem. In fact some women may see it as a plus if they don’t have a sexual partner in their lives. However it can become a problem if you do have a husband or partner whose libido is higher than yours.

Your significant other may feel rejected and unable to understand why you’ve recently gone from sex goddess to ice-maiden almost overnight; you may not even understand it yourself!

Like many symptoms of menopause, hormone imbalance is the main culprit in the loss of your sex drive. But more complex physical, emotional and relationship issues can also play a part.

Menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes and night sweats can contribute to lack of sexual desire as painful intercourse and hot sweats may take all the pleasure out of intimacy.

Mood swings and feelings of stress and fatigue or even body image issues as you get older, can leave you feeling less desirable and consequently less able to respond to sexual overtures.

It’s important for the health of your relationship to keep communication open with your partner so that they understand what’s happening and don’t take your lack of interest in sex as a personal rejection.

It’s also important to realize that just because you’re going through menopause, you don’t have to accept that your sex life is over and it’s not too late to start enjoying sex again.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to kick-start your flagging libido. The first step is to tackle the main culprit, hormone imbalance, at source. And if you are looking for natural remedies that will do just that, here are the five best herbal remedies for boosting your libido:


Contains steroidal saparins that are thought to mimic the action of some human hormones. It is used as a supportive tonic for the female reproductive system. Sarsaparilla The Lost Book of Herbal is also used as a tonic for sexual functions and as a rejuvenating tonic to support performance.


Ginkgo biloba is an herb derived from the Maidenhair Tree, which originates from pre-historic age in China, and is well known for its antioxidant and detoxifying properties. It is used to help many conditions including memory loss/inability to concentrate, mood disturbances, dizziness and sexual performance problems. Ginkgo is now one of the Top 10 herbs sold in the U.S.


Tribulus terrestris, also known as Puncture Vine, has a long history of traditional use in China, India, and Greece. In ancient times, it was recommended as a treatment to support female fertility and to maintain a healthy libido in both men and women. Recent studies performed in Bulgaria are the most current evidence regarding Tribulus. According to this research, Tribulus supports a healthy balance of hormones such as testosterone, DHEA, and estrogen. For this reason, Tribulus supports sexual function.


(Withania somnifera) is the “ginseng” of Ayurvedic medicine, which is the traditional medicine of India. A major traditional use of the herb is in “balancing life forces,” which may be regarded as an adaptogenic or tonic effect. It has been shown to improve physical energy and athletic ability, increase immunity to colds and infections and increase sexual capacity and fertility.

Muira Puama

Also called “Potency Wood”, Muira Puama is a small tree, native to the Brazilian Amazon. It is one of the most active botanicals with a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, general health improver and remedy for impotence & sexual insufficiency. First discovered centuries ago by the Amazon natives, this herb is widely used as an aphrodisiac by both men and women.

Remember, sex is like exercise, once you get into it you really start to enjoy it! Although you’re never going to have the same sex drive as a 20 year old, these natural herbal remedies should help to boost your desire for and enjoyment of sex and lead to a long and healthy sex life for many years to come!