Mobile Recycling Sites

There are a dozen or so mobile recycling sites on the Internet that allow anyone with an old mobile phone to easily exchange it for cash. The process has been made easy enough so that anyone can use the sites.

Using websites such as these make disposing of an old mobile handset quite an easy thing to do. In the past to avoid simply throwing a handset in the bin, one would have had to find a buyer within their network of friends, family and contacts or by listing on an auction site or in classified sections.

Some of these mobile recycling sites will pay up to £250 for a mobile handset. The amount they will pay depends on how old the mobile phone is, how much the phone 電腦回收 originally cost, the condition it is now in and whether it is working or faulty.

The top companies are: Fonebank, Envirofone, Greentec, Mopay, Love2Recycle, Earthmobile, Royal Mail Simply Drop, Mobile Phone Xchange, Money4urMobile, RPC Recycle, Phone Recycle Bank, Sell Old Mobile, Boots Mobile Recycling and Mobile Cash Monster. Each one will pay slightly different amounts for the same phone and have different methods of payment and all the options.

Most of the top mobile recycling sites pay by cheque as standard, but there are other payment methods available such as PayPal, shopping vouchers, bank transfer, postal order or cash. Shopping vouchers, if chosen as a payment method, often have higher value for the same phone handset.

To sell an old phone for recycling using a dedicated website you can expect a payment to come through within 3 to 7 days. All that is required is that you enter the make and model number into the recycling website, then select the phone you wish to recycle, then you will be given a freepost address within which to send the handset to.

There are two benefits to recycling old mobile handsets. Firstly you can reclaim some of the original value of the phone And use this money to put towards the cost of a new one. Secondly are the environmental benefits which ultimately results in less carbon dioxide being put into the atmosphere. Also by preventing old handsets going to landfill sites we prevent poisoning the land. Every time something is recycled energy is saved by not having to make our new material from scratch and instead reconditioning or recycling the old material into new. One of the most valuable elements inside every single mobile phone is a small amount of gold. This means that you can old and broken mobiles still have value and the gold within them can be simply melted down and used again in a new phone.