Paris Hilton – The Truth – How She Stands Up For Herself Against Negative People

Paris, I say to you, keep going with your life. You are living it! Congrats! Since we get to see a lot of you then you are a role model for new ways and values for living life. I like that. I worked with many people with screwed up lives in my lifetime as a psychologist. I affirm what you are doing, as I see it from the media. Ah So!

The media has got you, Paris Hilton, all wrong. Why? Because the near anonymous reporters of the media are not themselves in the limelight, and so they make celebrities seem bad whenever they can.

Media reporting is negative character construction for public consumption. All of us know that the media think that the public feeds off of negative things happening in life. Destroy the Twin Towers and everyone is motivated, and a stupid man elected President of the United States thinks he is going to make history.

It’s the negative effect. Just look at the Larry King, CNN interview of Paris Hilton after she gets out of jail. Just look at how the Los Angeles court system treated Paris Hilton and how she fought back.

Let’s say from the start that media news is fascinating because media news is presented as a drama, like a good movie or novel.

Paris Hilton is a pretty heiress. Her parents own the Hilton hotels and so Paris has all the money she wants or needs to live her life. Okay, how many of us have this kind of opportunity? Not many of us.

Paris has the ability to totally express herself, to be totally institut de beauté paris herself, but she also has the freedom to ruin herself and her life.

That’s a point! Poorly paid people in the media look for ways to excel at writing up and presenting the news. Larry King got to the top from the Brooklyn ghetto where he grew up with some boys who became gangsters. Some make it and many don’t.

Why be negative when you have success in life, Larry?

Look at Larry King and how he made it big! Now Larry King interviews the little rich kid, Paris Hilton, after she gets out of serving jail at 22 days, mostly spent in solitary confinement.

During the interview Paris Hilton says she read the Bible every day. Larry King acted interested. What passages in the Bible did you especially like? he asks. Why? He wants to make Paris Hilton negative if he can. Paris doesn’t know the number and verse of the passages she read in the Bible during jail confinement.

Paris is no intellectual, Larry. Why make her look bad? People can read the Bible and get good things from it without having to memorize certain things as if you are taking a rational school exam. Don’t you think?

Come on, Larry King! Were you making Paris Hilton look good or bad, or were you being neutral and objective?

The truth is that from the video of the Larry King interview of Paris Hilton I watch, Paris Hilton handled herself extremely well.


  • she let herself be interviewed, knowing Larry King would throw all the stuff at her, like driving with alcohol and driving with a suspended license. No, this was not your father type.
  • Paris interpreted the situations for herself, rather than agree with the way Larry King put aspects of her life.
  • Paris Hilton redefined herself during the interview and did not simply let a media person define her, as he wanted to from the standpoint of making a pretty woman, millionaire, celebrity negative in the public’s perception, if he could, and he certainly tried.


Here’s the point. People love to project both negative and positive onto media stars, the celebrities they write about. Larry King lives off of celebrities while not being one himself. This is the trouble with media people. What have they developed of themselves and life? They are writers writing about others but not doing anything significant themselves. Larry King is one of these.