R Mobile Trader – A Comprehensive Professional Trader With Live Trading Signals

The R Mobile Trader is a software application that supports the electronic trading market. Most of its features are similar to those of the online stock brokers and financial spreadsheets such as Penny Stock Trader, although it has additional functions. The mobile trading applications provide most of the same functions and features as the corresponding online trading platform that comes with the ability to trade in multiple asset classes, watch real time prices, access various order types, and more. It also has a rich range of industry-related data and information that can be accessed by the trader through his or her mobile phone. This application supports industry-specific tickers and it is capable of sending alerts when the market is experiencing changes that affect the stocks of certain companies.

R Mobile Trader


R Mobile Trader is more of an online trading platform than a full-featured mobile app. Its website is a simplified web browser that contains basic details of its services and features. Once the user opens the website, he or she can see an icon that represents the brokerage account that the user is registered with. There are two types of accounts available from the website: A discount brokerage account and an annual fee service. Discount brokerage accounts are meant for users who want to work without having to open a traditional brokerage account. They provide higher rates of return and allow traders to manage multiple accounts at once.

This website offers four ways for its users to manage their accounts of other people. First, they can use the widget function to display the current rates for the selected currency pair. Next, traders can select which currency pairs they want to monitor and enter an order. Traders can specify the amount they are willing to pay as commission for an automated trading solution. Lastly, users can create their own trading profile and sign in to receive updates about the current rates robomarkets app.

The US Dollar and the Canadian Dollar are the two base currency for this service. An additional currency pair, the Euro, is also available. Traders can enter a trade by selecting the base currency and then choosing the currency pair they would like to execute their trade. This feature provides traders with a chance to combine their trading capital between currencies if they think the rates are comparable.

R Mobile Trader has been in the industry of mobile trading applications for more than three years now. Its consistent presence on the list of best selling iPhone and iPad apps gives it the recognition it deserves. The iOs version of MT4 is designed especially for smart phone users and is capable of linking with other online trading platforms, including Forex Trading, Capital Marketplaces, and other third party trading applications.

R Mobile Trader is a robust, fully featured, and secure iOS and Android app with a free trial period. It provides access to the live trading floor and a number of premium indicators to facilitate analysis of global markets. This is the perfect platform for novice traders as it helps them formulate entry and exit strategies without the need to use any kind of indicator or trading software. The expert advice that this platform provides is valuable for both newbie and professional traders. R Mobile Trader has been ranked among the top 10 best iPhone and iPad apps by the tech experts who rated it as the best one of its kind in the App Stores.