Retain the Highest Level of Cognitive Response

I often yield inquiries about the science behind speed reading programs. How and why does it work so effectively?

Certain programs are built around high speed mental imaging that works to strengthen the eyes, improve the synapse between the eyes and the brain, and to increase actual brain activity.

By strengthening the eye muscles, as well as increasing peripheral vision, you will be able to see more information quickly. This is the important first component. However, just because you can see the information more quickly, doesn’t translate to improvements in reading and comprehension. That information needs to transmit to the brain, and needs to be processed.

The high speed imaging helps to increase the ability of the brain to pull information from the eyes more quickly through the synapse. Again, this is just another component, but the synapse is what carries the information that you see to the brain

The most important part of these programs are that it increases the ability of the brain to take in more information. By seeing information more quickly, and then by getting it to the brain more effectively, it quickly helps retrain us to read faster. Then through the increase in brain activity, we’re able to comprehend what we are reading, even at the faster pace.

A functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI) study was performed on a customer’s brain activity after reading, but before one session of one of these programs. fMRI is a type of specialized MRI scan that measures the haemodynamic response related to neural activity in the brain or spinal cord. The second part of the study included another fMRI that was subsequently performed after just one 7-minute session. The results showed over a 100% increase in activity in the left brain and nearSynapse xtly a 1500% increase in the right brain. This increase in brain activity results in increased comprehension and an overall increase in the effectiveness of the brain.

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