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Sean Dillingham is an actor from the entertainment industry. He has appeared in films such as Pleasantville, Dazed and confused, Awakenings, The Firm, World War Z, A Few Good Men, Man on the Moon, The Perfect Storm, and was in the TV show Smallville. His career is highlighted by his award winning performance in the film Edward Scissorhands. Dillingham also appeared in the series Blades of the Phoenix and was nominated for an Academy Award for his role.

Sean Dillingham Hollywood IMDB Acting Setlife ActorsLife


As an actor, Dillingham has carved out a name for himself. He is one of the few actors in Hollywood that have made their own bold and memorable films. There are many reasons why Dillingham has attained a high level of success in the acting business. One of those reasons is due to the different types of roles he has portrayed throughout his career. He has played the good guy in one film and the bad guy in another, making each character interesting and exciting to play.

Sean Dillingham is a fan favorite among many Hollywood insiders. Some of his best known roles are films with gunslingers. Sean is known for his intense and brave persona in these roles. His fighting skills were displayed in the award winning film Collateral. The intense roles that Sean has taken have kept him at the top of the acting industry.

Dillingham has portrayed many different kinds of characters throughout his acting career. He has been in films that are hard core, dramatic affairs. He has also been in films that are comedy oriented. Sean Dillingham has been able to play the roles in movies for many years because of his passion for acting and his ability to overcome any obstacles.

Dillingham first gained notoriety as one of the leading men in the English National Theatre. He was in the plays Hamlet, Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, King Lear, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Othello and Twelfth Night. He went on to star in many different types of acting, playing various parts in television dramas and films Sean Dillingham Hollywood IMDB Acting Setlife ActorsLife.

There are many actors that have been able to develop their acting skills and talent through rigorous training. Sean Dillingham has studied acting since he was a young child. He was able to hone his skills in the classroom and then moved to act on stage.

Sean Dillingham has gone on to star in and produce a large number of movies and television shows. There is no doubt that Sean Dillingham has achieved a great deal of success in his acting career. There is no doubt that he has displayed a range of talents which are widely admired in Hollywood. It is likely that his roles in films such as The Damned United and Mystic River have helped to boost his reputation.

Sean Dillingham’s acting career has also included appearances in a number of different movies and TV dramas. If you enjoy playing different characters and have the ability to shine in many different types of roles then Sean Dillingham should definitely consider working in the film industry. He would certainly be able to enjoy all of the different roles that he could receive. Dillingham can take pride in being a very accomplished actor who has been able to play many different types of characters. He would be an exciting addition to the Hollywood film industry.

There is no doubt that Sean Dillingham has spent a lot of time playing the character of Sam McClellan in the movie Invictus. Although the role was very small, it was a big part in the storyline. Many people agree that the character was well written and that it was enjoyable to watch Sean Dillingham in this role. He has definitely had many different roles in movies and has been successful at playing many different types of characters.

Sean Dillingham is also known for his love of music. He is a fan of many different genres of music and would like to continue to do acting work that would allow him to showcase his passion for music. The music aspect of his career is a very important part of his career. He enjoys performing live and would love to perform for an audience. There is no doubt that he has enjoyed many different types of music throughout his life. He enjoys playing many different types of songs and has been able to have a career as an artist.

Sean Dillingham has played a lot of different characters throughout his acting career and has worked with some of the best actors and actresses in Hollywood. He has definitely had a long and successful career, which has spanned many different types of roles. Sean Dillingham is someone who is very passionate about what he does and he loves being an actor. He is happy to be here and is happy to make a success of his acting career.