The Best Japanese Food Recipe

Whenever the words “Japanese Food” are mentioned, people would almost always come up with one specific dish in mind – sushi. This is why sushi has become the flagship of Japanese cuisine almost everywhere.

In ancient times, the word “sushi” initially referred to fish that are preserved in vinegar. Centuries after, this dish has become a complete meal in itself. Now, the gluten free food online store staples of sushi would include readily available ingredients like Japanese rice, dried seaweeds and seafoods. Because the seafood are locally procured some even enjoy consuming them raw.

However, if you are among the few who are reluctant to eat this dish in the traditional way, here is the best Japanese food recipe for you – California Maki.

For this you would need the following:

– 5 cups of steamed Japanese short grain rice
– Crab sticks
-­ Cucumber (cut into strips)
-­ Ripe mangoes (cut into strips)
-­ Wasabi (Japanese horseradish paste)
-­ Light soy sauce
-­ Nori sheets (Dried seaweeds)
-­ Japanese mayonnaise

Tools needed:

– Bamboo sushi mat
-­ Cling wrap


1. If the rice is newly cooked, set it aside and let it cool.
2. Cover the sushi mat with cling wrap and lay nori on top.
3. Spread an even layer of rice on top of nori. Leave an allowance of approximately ½ inch on its upper edge. (Allowance is necessary to secure the nori together after wrapping.)
4. Then, arrange crab sticks, mangoes and cucumber strips in one file at least an inch from the lower edge.
5. Start rolling everything together in a log. Pack the ingredients as tightly as you can for better presentation.
6. Slice the rolled california maki into smaller portions. Since sushi rice is sticky, this is best done with a sharp wet knife.
7. Arrange in a platter, top with Japanese mayonnaise and serve with wasabi and light soy sauce.