The Best Natural Remedies For Sinus Infections – Secrets Of A Sinus Expert

These natural remedies are increasingly being used in lieu of conventional medicine because they are being proven to be more effective.

Acute sinusitis lasts up to twelve weeks whereas chronic sinusitis keeps recurring or lasts more than twelve weeks. Chronic sinusitis in particular can be extremely detrimental to a persons quality of life.

When nasal congestion occurs due to swollen sinus membranes, this creates a perfect environment for bacterial and fungal infections to take hold.

The common cold usually causes acute sinusitis whereas a keravita pro variety of reasons cause chronic sinusitis such as; a low immune system, nasal allergies, fungal infections, nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, a sinus obstruction, immune system disease, regular exposure to pollutants such as cigarette smoke. All of these can contribute to bacterial and/or fungal infections occurring.

The symptoms can include one, several or all of the following; sinus/facial tenderness, pressure and pain, pain felt in ears, jaws and teeth, tiredness, dizziness, post nasal drip and a green nasal discharge, nasal congestion, reduced sense of smell, cough, sore throat, bad breath, nausea.

These natural remedies are extremely effective and have helped many people get rid if their sinusitis.

Sinusoothe 100% Natural Nasal Spray – This nasal spray is increasingly being recommended by doctors to treat sinusitis since it is extremely effective at killing bacterial and fungal infections. It also provides almost immediate relief from the painful symptoms of sinusitis such as headaches, sinus pain etc. and relieves nasal congestion. Nasal allergy sufferers can use it to relieve their runny nose, sneezing etc. since it contains anti-histamines and it desensitizes the nasal passages to allergens. It also removes airborne allergens. It is non-addictive and is completely safe to use on a regular basis.

Saline sprays – Sterimar is one of the main producers of this type of nasal spray. Although not as effective as Sinusoothe for treating sinusitis it does have it’s uses and is particularly useful for removing unwanted allergens and relieving nasal congestion. There are two types of solution, isotonic and hypertonic, which have varying levels of salt content. Sterimar is entirely safe and is not addictive.

Nasal irrigation – A neti pot is used to irrigate the sinuses with either an isotonic or hypertonic solution. An isotonic solution has the same salt concentration as your body. A hypertonic solution has a higher salt content and may be more useful at drawing moisture and mucous from the sinuses. This may help reduce inflammation and relieve nasal congestion. It is a good practice for keeping your sinuses clean and removing irritants. It is completely safe provided you use the correct saline solution.

Anti-histamines – Sinusitis caused by nasal allergies would greatly benefit from the use of natural anti-histamines. Butterbur, quercetin and stinging nettle are all excellent natural anti-histamines and do not cause side effects. Butterbur has been clinically proven to be just as effective as the over the counter anti-histamines.

Reduce stress – Pressure is healthy, stress is not. Stress causes ill health and should be reduced whenever possible. Relaxation and good quality sleep are key and if you find it hard to relax there are plenty of herbs and supplements that can assist you.

Exercise – Exercise has been known to reduce sinusitis symptoms since the endorphins released during exercise act as natural painkiller. It can also improve immune function provided it is not over strenuous. Exercise energises the body.

Improving immune system – Eating a nutritional diet and supplementing with the essential vitamins and minerals is essential to having a strong immune system. Vitamin C. B complex, garlic, zinc, multi-vitamins etc. can all be found at health stores and can be beneficial.

Anti-inflammatories – The symptoms of sinusitis are caused by inflammation, therefore by reducing the inflammation you will reduce the symptoms. Natural anti-inflammatories such as vitamin C, turmeric, ginger and omega oils can be used on a regular basis.