The Online Bingo Community Tackles the Subject of Ghost Players

During the history of online bingo, a particular term has been raising its ugly head ghost players. One of the leading online bingo authorities in the field has decided to explain this illusive term. In the online bingo community ghost player is a term which players give to people who they believe are not real in reality due to the fact that they are continually winning. They win at such a high frequency that they believe it is impossible for this particular person(s) to be so lucky, and are under the impression that some under handed scheme is going on, or the person wining is an “in house player” this term refers to a person who is working for or has an association with the company running the casino site.

Please review the list below for a few pointers that you can use to determine that a site is on the up and up.

  • 1: Take a look at the winners list and see how many times the suspected ghost player is listed on it. And the amounts won. You may be surprise to find out that the player is not really winning as much overall as you may think.
  • 2: If the suspected player is in the chat room ensure that you engage in topical conversion with them so you will see if it is a real person you are talking to. If you constantly detect that the same name is in the chat room all the time and never leaves and never interacts with anyone in the room, then you can report your findings to the chat room moderator. If you get a response to your query, then you know that they take your suspicions seriously.
  • 3: Be aware that some player’s play the maximum amount of cards possible in every or nearly every game, thus greatly enhancing their chances of winning. This can sometimes become irritating to the rest of the players, but the more you play the greater your chances of winning.
  • 4: We highly recommend that you review the site to ensure that there is an auditing body that ensures that the random game number generator is up to par with the gaming 카지노커뮤니티  commission where the game site is registered. This does give one a sense of assurance that you’re being treated in a fair and trusted manner.
  • 5: As a last resort one can send a letter of complaint to the gaming commission where the said site in question is licensed. This regulatory body is bounded by law to investigate each matter on a complaint by complaint basis.
  • 6: What I would recommend if you feel that something underhanded is going on the site is just to leave that site, and search for another that your feel comfortable with that is the simplest solution.


At the end of the day you will come across some sites that give you a bad vibe, keep on looking, there are a lot of reputable sites out there. Enjoy the world of online bingo.