The Role of Journalists in a Country’s Journalism

Anything that provides news content for a limited period of time is classified as a news media. News sources may be online newspaper or weekly newspapers or radio and TV broadcast stations. A newsworthy event can have numerous viewers. News sources may be still daily papers or weekly magazines or even moving persons like people who have personally witnessed the incident are to the news media. Such as when a suicide case is reported, the news agency will contact the police or the hospital where the body was found or news sources would come to the suicide news spot to relay the news.

Why Is Journalism Important To My Country?

The purpose of this article is to talk about some of the other not so well known news sources that can also be used as news sources. In the United States of America, one of the most famous news sources is the New York Times. This newspaper is known to present original stories from around the world in an international perspective.


Some other news sources in the United States include the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. These two papers have long been considered authoritative in presenting breaking news stories with original facts from various countries or regions. They are mostly concerned with business and other non-news topics but occasionally some in depth reporting on current events are published. Other non mainstream newspapers which do not follow any specific political party or religion are also worth a mention. Here are some examples: The Christian Science Monitor, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, India Times, Associated Press, The Bangkok Post, Japan Today, China Daily, and the South China Morning News


This final media type will be the last in our list to discuss. This is another form of multimedia and new media that enables audience members to interact with the media by asking questions and receiving answers through a live feed. It can be an audio stream, a text stream or a video stream depending on its purpose. A good example of this type of news story would be an investigative report on an environmental disaster. The audience might ask questions regarding the environmental impact of the disaster and the reporter would then seek the opinion of expert scientists or experts on the environmental impact. Other uses for this form of media are during disasters where live reports are difficult to obtain and coverage of the immediate aftermaths.


Germany is a country in central Europe located in the Europe area. Germany has one of the largest English-speaking populations in Europe with the second largest after UK. Some popular English speaking media in Germany are Der Spiegel, Tertuts, Sueddeux, ZDF, among others.


When it comes to using news media in Germany and other European countries, you should know that they use different forms of translation. In Germany, there is a different process between formal and informal speech that is used when writing a news media story. As an example, in the US, you would write as follows: “A fatal auto accident happened in Florida, wherein an elderly man lost his hand.” However, in Germany, you would write as follows: “A terrible auto accident happened in Germany, wherein an elderly man lost his hand.”


German news sources are written in an innovative way with many short words and small sentences compared to US news media. In some cases, the articles are written in simple language, whereas in other instances, it contains long sentences and complex words. News reporters in Germany have to learn more about the culture and traditions of their respective countries than their US counterparts since they cover diverse topics. In this sense, there is more room for in-depth reporting that may include more cultural information, local arts, sports events, cultural history and education.


Germany has a thriving independent news industry, which in turn is subsidized by the government. Some newspapers provide paid advertisements on their websites to attract visitors. Therefore, journalists in Germany are well trained in advertising, while they are also extensively knowledgeable about the media business and the industry of newspapers and magazines in Germany.