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Recently, the think tank Mercer’s published the results to their 2010 Quality of Life survey. Some of the criteria that are measured in this survey are environment, culture, public transportation, and hygiene. Vancouver, which used to hold the honour of being number one on that list has been usurped by the Austrian city of Vienna. Despite this surprising defeat by the capital of Austria, Vancouver is still a world class city where people enjoy an excellent standard of living.The Vienna Expat survival guide: 13 ultimate tips for internationals moving  to, or living in Vienna – vienna würstelstand | International move, Expat,  Vienna

Although the quality of life in Vancouver is now, officially, not the greatest in the world Vancouverites will brag that it certainly is the best in Canada. If you ask a Vancovuerite what they like most about the city, they will most certainly begin with the Weather umzugsfirma wien
. Vancouver enjoys the highest annual temperature in the country; a winter day with a daily low of -40 simply doesn’t happen here. That being said, while the rest of Canada gets snow we get rain.

There is more to Vancouver than just warmer weather. Vancouver is also a cultural hearth, with a rich and vibrant arts scene. The Vancouver Art Gallery, located downtown in Robson Square, has an exquisite permanent collection and also hosts many touring exhibitions. Located in the old provincial court house, the building’s exterior architecture is almost as much of a marvel as what is inside.

Vancouver is a cultural cross roads between east and west. Chinatown, located in the east end of the downtown core plays homage to the role the Chinese people have historically played in the development of the city. On a walking tour through this part of town you will find dozens of restaurants that serve authentic Chinese food, which is regarded by some to be the best in the world. The neighbourhood is also home to over a hundred years of rich history, a quality that certainly adds to its character.

We’ve already discussed on this blog about the excellence of Vancouver’s public transportation system. The three rapid transit lines, seabus, and fleet of busses that serve the city will comfortably and quickly get you where you need to go. As a result, the city has a very high transit ridership rate. To put things into perspective, Translink, the firm that operates the public transit in the metro area carries just over one million riders a day. Considering that Metro Vancouver has around 2.5 million people, its safe to say that nearly everyone rides transit!