Track Down Vital Information Through Connecticut Vital Records

My daughter is working on a family tree as a school history project, with the goal of seeing where her family came from. We know John’s side came from Germany and mine was from England, but we wanted to discover who lived in Connecticut before both sides started being scattered around the United States. The first place we started was with Connecticut vital records. We were hoping we could get a basic foundation from the information saved in their files.

It’s a lot easier to find information in Connecticut, partly because the state has done a good job of keeping the valuable files safe for quite some time. They have official copies of vital records like marriage licenses, birth certificates, and death records since 1897. Prior to that time, individual communities or the Connecticut State Library would have information saved since 1850. This way a Vitalflow nyone interested in the information can contact two different places. The first step would be to contact by mail the Connecticut vital records office in Hartford. You should allow at least six weeks to receive a reply. The other option is to contact the Registrar of Vital Statistics in any of the 169 towns the event took place – marriage, death, birth, etc. If you need to obtain a copy of a divorce agreement, then you need to contact the Clerk of Superior Court in the county the divorce occurred.


* Information can come from two different places.
* Records can go as far back as 1850.