What Are Some Examples of Marine Survival Gear?

If you are thinking about marine survival gear then you’re probably pondering over the safety of your upcoming sea voyage. Better safe than sorry! Since most marine survival items can be stored in a bag or box, there’s no sense in disregarding these important items that could very well save a person’s life. What is some of the most commonly recommended marine survival gear for boaters?Urban Survival Kit : 14 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables

Let’s start with a life vest, possibly the most important item you can carry, as this can prevent a person from drowning if he or she were tossed overboard. Keep in mind that some survival items can actually be packed into life vest pockets. You can also use pants or shirt pockets for extra room if you run out of space in the survival kit. The survival kit itself should have the ability to float, open or close, just in case you drop it. One novel invention in marine survival gear is a floatable kit with a long poly line and clip, so that it can attach to other survivors or perhaps a raft.

A waterproof match case may prove helpful as well as bottle of water disinfectant tabs inside a waterproof container and storage bags for water urban survival gear. Other items of note include signal mirrors, an emergency whistle to communicate with others, and a fire-starter kit. When it comes to batteries, you want to bring backups for all your electronic devices, including AA battery gadgets (like flashlights or long lasting chemical light sticks) as well as smaller batteries for watches or GPS systems. Knives are always an important item in marine survival gear, so find a long knife at least six inches, as well as tool kit and perhaps a knife sharpener. Make sure to plan on bringing a saw for more intensive cutting, as well as some needle nose grips for pulling.

If you are fishing then bring along a fishing kit and make sure you have plenty of hooks, flies, swivels, lines, safety pins, razors, spinners, spoons and sewing needles. You might also want to bring along an aluminum case for storage and cloth tape. You definitely don’t want to run out of fishing equipment just a few hours into your expedition! Special fishing equipment might also be necessary for your trip, depending on where you will be located. Just to be safe bring along additional fishing marine survival gear like a snare wire, spear head and net.

Non-electronic items will still prove valuable in an emergency. Bring a poncho to protect yourself from rain and water, a hat with a neck flap, anti UV sun glasses, waterproof sunscreen, lip balm, and insect repellant. Bring an extra blanket in case you get cold, along with extra bags, a waterproof notebook and “space” pen. (It writes upside down!)

Last but not least in planning your marine survival gear, you want to take a survival manual so you can remain calm in an emergency. Also be sure to take along plenty of food, water and medication to sustain you in the event of hunger, thirst, injury, or motion sickness. For more information on what marine survival gear you need, look up marine retail stores online.