What Diabetes Natural Supplement Ingredients Can You Find in Your Kitchen?

What really contains a diabetes natural supplement? Well, first of all, not all food or dietary supplement for whatever purpose is made from 100% pure natural ingredients. This information should make you vigilant when choosing a dietary supplement especially for diabetes. Why? It is because other than preservatives and additives, the product may contain too much glucose or starch that might shoot up your blood sugar.

The ingredients are the basic factor in all supplements. You must learn to read labels and understand the contents. Be discerning on your judgement when buying a product in general, most especially if it concerns your health. Do not take the risk.


So what are common ingredients that are from the bounty of nature? The most common natural ingredients are herbs and herbal plants. If you love to eat products with cinnamon, then most likely you have this product in your home. Cinnamon has this substance called Epicatechin. It is a Reversirol form of flavonoid extract which can defend the beta cells in the pancreas from being impaired due to the drop-off of insulin. Studies have shown that Epicatechin can rejuvenate the cells.

Panax Ginseng

Another known herbal ingredient is the Panax Ginseng. This plant can regulate the blood sugar and has the capacity to enhance the production of insulin in the body. It can boost your body the energy that you need and at the same time it will have a positive effect on your cardiovascular activities.

Whey Proteins and Chromium

Supplements that can significantly control the production of your insulin must also contain these two natural components: the Whey proteins and Chromium.

Bitter Melon

In addition, there is an herbal plant that can lower also your blood sugars. This is the Bitter Melon. It has Charantin substance that makes the plant a powerful hypoglycemic agent.

Goldenseal Plant

Likewise, Hydrastis Canadensis or locally known as Goldenseal plant has hypoglycemic attributes.

Onions and Garlic

In addition to these natural ingredients are the famous spices that are present in your own kitchen, the onion and garlic. These spices have the essential nutrients that significantly affect your system and prevent diabetic symptoms from occurring. The Allicin found in garlic and onion helps regulate your blood sugar for a longer period. CoQ10 is another nutrient that gives the same result like garlic and onion.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is another natural ingredient that contains valuable nutrients that are able to control a normal blood flow in your body. Some other nutrients that give the same positive effect like the fish oil are magnesium, chromium, and vitamin c.

The most basic functions of any given supplement are: to regulate or maintain blood sugar level, to enhance insulin production, and to prevent possible damages in other vital organs by supplying the necessary nutrients.