What Is a Tag Coupon?

One of the latest crazes that is taking place in gift wrapping and promotional merchandising is the so called “Tag Coupon”. A tag coupon is an adhesive tag with a coupon attached to it. The coupon normally has some sort of information on it like the name of the event, date and location of the event, or time of the event and what is available at the event. These coupons can be bought at any retailer that offers gift wrapping. There is a minimum amount that must be purchased in order for the coupon to qualify for the savings. Coupon, label, offer, ribbon, sale, shop, tag icon - Download on Iconfinder Tag coupons are used mostly for promotional purposes. They can be used at certain retail stores during special sales, or they can even be purchased online if the website that is being visited has a shopping cart available. Many people have used a tag coupon to get special deals at a store or for a free item. There are a couple different types of tag coupons available, one is a generic discount coupon. This discount coupon can be used at any type of retail store and can be good at any time. The other type of discount coupon is a name-brand discount coupon. These coupons are usually specific to a brand, or to a product, as opposed to a store or website. Sometimes the retailer will sell more of one name brand item than they do of another, which is why the discounts can be significant. Most name brand discounts will usually only last for a short period of time, as the manufacturer will quickly make more of the same thing. The coupon can then be replaced with another discount that was not available at the time of purchase. Tag coupons have been used for decades as a method to promote discounts and encourage guests to enter the premises. The problem with these coupons over the years has always been that they were quite hard to obtain. Some stores would print out the coupons themselves for the guest to use when they entered the store. Others would simply hide them under a rug or in a circular file, adding an element of difficulty to obtaining a discount. The advent of the discount tag has solved this problem. There is now a discount tag available on just about every kind of product you can think of. Discount tags can be found on nearly every kind of product. These include sporting goods, books, CDs, movies, music videos, video games, toiletries, food, household items, office supplies, jewelry, apparel and much more. There are even discount stickers available for cars. All you have to do to find the right one is to look online and search for “tag” or “discount”.