Which Is the Final Car Head Unit Upgrading?

Do you like refitting your car? Today let’s discuss one kind of car repacking – the upgrading of car head unit. The car owners may install car mp3 player or car DVD players. The car owner can gain more convenience and enjoyment by upgrading the head unit.

Install the car mp3 player
It’s easy to install a professional car mp3 player. And it’s not costly. It can be connected with the main unit. No interference will be created. And you can enjoy the CD audio quality. It can control the selections with the factory audio panel. It supports all the cars with steering wheel shortcut key. No electric socket is additionally required. And the lighter will not be occupied, either Launch Crp129x.

Upgrade high quality head unit
For some people, their picky ears will not be satisfied by the digital music or original CD head unit. So they come to the end step – upgrade the head unit. Generally speaking, the ouput power is related with the audio quality performance directly. The power of some Japanese brands like Pioneer, SONY, Panasonic and JVC can reach 50W. As the thrust force of the main unit is streghthened, the audio quality will be much better than the original design.

Additionally, it has plenty of functions. Most of them support the MP3/WMA (Windows Media Audio) playback formats. With the colorful LCD panel, it’s visually and aurally appealing.

Install GPS+DVD+screen
For the owners who have chosen the low configuration car, it can do much help. The Car DVD will undoubtedly better the car recreation. The GPS navigation will provide more convenience to the drivers. But the upgrading cost is not low.

Install the inkaNet car intelligent system
You may not be strange about the inkaNet. inkaNet integrates all the functions. Except the tradional GPS, it also supports network remote navigation and customer service center navigation. The inkaNet system can also upgrade real time traffic of the urban road. You will save much time as you can avoid the crowded traffic efficiently.

inkaNet features with the global and unique two-channel car phone. You can make a call and send messages or e-mails. Except for making a call, inkaNet system can also provide the internet chatting function. The internet chatting function of inkaNet system can be applied in the world. And it can replace the Walkie Talkie.

Listening to the network information is also one function of inkaNet. The sports news, financial news, entertainment news and blogs of famous experts can all be downloaded. As it’s audio playback and the drivers needn’t read them, the traffic security will be highly ensured.

inkaNet system is developed based on the hot Google Android. Then a large number of software can be used in the system. And the system upgrading and GPS map upgrading will turn to be simple.

The first three methods are some sort of tradional. And the final way – install the inkaNet system is a new one. It will open a car 3G age. It’s worthwhile to gain the functions of GPS, video entertainment and real time communication.